Oscar industry A.B.E.E.


OSCAR  company was established and is operating since 1976 in the city of Larissa. In 1984 the company moved and settled in the Industrial Area of Larissa in its own factory area of 2.500m ². To this day, the factory space has grown in scope 5.500m ² and is fully equipped with modern technical means of production. We also operate our offices and showroom there, as well as a technical support office in Athens.



OSCAR  was initially active in the field of hoist load construction, hydraulic rams as well as high oil pressure hydraulic units. The company then expanded into other structures such as scissor-lift electrohydraulic platforms for merchandise and forklifts. In recent years, by monitoring the requirements and the needs of the customers, OSCAR company, with the expertise and experience of its workforce, led to new constructions. After documented study and market research, a new manufacturing division of Integrated Parking Systems, Vehicle Elevators, Scissor-Lift Reels for Vehicles and Elevators for people with special needs, was organized. Experienced engineers and skilled technical personnel do the design and implementation of all of the above constructions, and their installation is carried out by specialized teams with a supervising engineer.


The objectives of the company are:


Manufacturing high quality machinery

Customer service, by proposing the best possible solution to their demands

Direct technical support

Continuous improvement and development of machines to benefit the customers.


The production is channeled throughout Greece while part of it is exported in the Balkans. All machinery is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC and standard EN 1570. It has Type Examination Certificate by authorized bodies and is marked with the CE mark.


The elements that have contributed in the success story of the company are:


The Quality Management System ΕΛΟΤ EN ISO 9001: 2008, which officially sealed the high quality of its machinery.

The excellent personal relationships with customers developed by the company.

The design and manufacture bespoke for each machine.

Its experience, which positions it in one of the top positions in companies of its kind.


On our website, we present in detail the Parking Systems, Vehicle Lifts & Scissor Mechanisms for Vehicles, plans and technical details of the machinery that will help you learn more about our machines.